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9 Mar / 9:30pm - 1:00am / £5 OTD | DOORS 5PM | HAPPY HOUR 5-6PM | GIG STARTS 9.30PM


Kyla Brox is all woman, and now that she’s added mother to her various roles as temptress, good-time gal and dream soul singer, Kyla is the complete woman.

To listen to her versions of ‘Feelin’ Good’ and ‘At Last’ is to understand how completely she has absorbed the related forms of soul and blues. Respectively associated with Nina Simone and Etta James, they remind that strong women are a vital part of Afro-American and Lancashire culture.

Just when it seemed that soul music was a lost art - hopelessly degraded by wee girls singing plastic R’n’B - Kyla made her move. She restores prickly reality to the genre and shames the slick, meretricious pap that dominates the market-place. This music is not about instant gratification. It’s about achieving the pride of selfhood, and that can be a painful and lifelong quest.

Kyla balances extremes of tenderness and strength like no other singer of her generation, and belts out the blues like a Janis Joplin who has come through. And then there’s her transposition of Deep Southern Soul to northern climes. She sings in her native accent, because, for Kyla, there is no separation between life and art. That “does mytuuch make you quiver?” is to be cherished. Kyla is triumphantly a deep Lancashire diva.

Tonight's performance will evoke a combination of them all. Fellow musician and songwriting partner Danny Blomeley, and his virtuoso guitar-work, are joined by a full band for this special gig.


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