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14 Dec / 9:30pm - 01:00am / £8 ADVANCE TICKETS // £10 OTD | DOORS 5PM | HAPPY HOUR 5-7:30PM | GIG STARTS 9.30PM


We are very happy to see the mighty Mr Wilson's Second Liners returning to the club tonight for what is guaranteed to be a blinder of a gig!

Never has M&P's felt more like a cross between a New Orleans Dive mixed in with the hey day of Manchester's infamous Hacienda night club. If you missed the 90's in Manchester, Mr. Wilson's Second Liners will take you back to an era missed by almost every Mancunian who raved!

Quintessential New Orleans meets 90s club classics…a rave funeral without the body. 

In New Orleans, funerals are celebrated in style, with noisy brass bands processing through the streets. The main section of the parade is known as First Line, but the real fun starts with the Second Line, those who follow the band to enjoy the music, marching with the musicians and twirling parasols or waving handkerchiefs. 

Welcome to Second Lining.

Musical Mechanical has recruited a rabble of mischievous northerners to form Mr Wilson’s Second Liners, a traditional New Orleans Second Line. However, this is no sombre occasion: Mr Wilson’s expend their collective musical talent paying homage to the diehard days of the Hacienda, 90s club culture and its greatest hero, Mr Tony Wilson. 

If it's not chucking it down, hailing or snowing, Mr. Wilson's Second Liners are going to treat us to a Parade at 8.30pm before the gig. The Parade will start at the club and go through Carpenter's Lane, Edge Street, High Street, Thomas Street and back onto Tib Street. All welcome to join the Parade but you will need have purchased a ticket to get into the club!

Will Lenton - Bass Sax
Howard Jacobs – Drums
Mitch Oldham – Drums
Henry Botham - Trombone
Sally Edward – Trombone
Mark Sheldrake – Trombone
Paul Leeming - Trumpet
Atholl Ransome - Alto / Tenor Sax
Paddy Higginson - Soprano / Alto Sax
Chris Davies - Soprano Sax / Gong.


This gig is STANDING ROOM only. The reason behind this is we want you, the audience to interact with Mr Wilson's as they will not only be on the stage but also playing throughout the club. If anyone has been to a Mr Wilson gig at M&P’s, you’ll know everyone is up dancing the minute they play their first tune so this time, you’ll have plenty of room to shake your booty to the band!

It’s also a TICKETED GIG. Advance tickets have sold out. There will be 20 Tickets on Sale on the Door on the Night at 7pm.

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0161 831 7002 (EVENING AFTER 6PM)