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23 Nov / 9:30pm - 01:00am / £5 Entry

Re-live MJF 2012

On November the 23rd Matt and Phreds will host a special evening to reflect on the many wonderful performances we saw at the festival this past July. We have a great evening lined up, including live music from ‘mjf introduces’ debutants Mercury and the fabulous Alice Zawadzki.

Mercury build the excitement and the beauty of improvised music into more modern feels and musical languages without losing the sophistication of compositional techniques, resulting in a whirling sound that sits somewhere in the space between contemporary jazz and popular music, and reflects their love of indie and electronica.

With new bass player "Barras" here is the line up:

Tom Thorp; Saxophones
Dan Brew; Guitar
Gavin Barras; Bass Guitar
Jim Molyneux; Drums


Alice Zawadzki’s Songs From Around the World takes us on a journey across continents, bringing you beautiful and uplifting jazz inspired by music from Africa, Greece, Poland and Scandinavia. Much of Alice’s music is inspired by this exploration, with songs in several languages, as well as having influences from John Coltrane, Steve Coleman, Joni Mitchell and Savina Yannatou. These diverse influences are brought together cohesively and with innovation by some of the UK’s finest talents.

Whether you missed out on this year’s festival, or you just can’t get enough of these great artists, make sure you book your place in advance (even if you’re an mjf Friend)! To reserve your spot just call 0161 839 7187 (before 6pm) or 0161 831 7002 (after 6pm).

Look out for further details on this event to be announced in the coming weeks…