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22 Oct / 9:30pm - 01.00am / £5 OTD | DOORS 4PM | HAPPY HOUR...

This 8 piece Latin Dance band based in North Wales blew our socks off back in May this year and we are super excited to have them back tonight!

Playing their own take on the vibes & rhythms of South American and Jazz music, this band will have you on your feet from the word go!

24 Oct / 9:00pm - 12:30am / FREE ENTRY | DOORS 6PM | HAPPY...

The Matt & Phreds ALL STAR Jam is hosted by one of the most exciting young Manchester bands, DREAMER.

Alongside DREAMER, we will be inviting Guest Musicians to join the band and Jam with anyone who wants to take part. *Watch this space to see who will be joining Dreamer tonight, it's a good one!*

25 Oct / 9:00pm - 12:00am / FREE ENTRY | DOORS 6PM | HAPPY...

The Boogie Williams Trio Grande is made up of Boogie Williams on piano and vocal, Alan 'The Hat' Whitham on bass and Richard Young on drum set.

26 Oct / 9:00pm - 12:00am / FREE ENTRY | DOORS 6PM | HAPPY...

Kyla Brox can be tender, urgent and gritty: she blurs the distinction between pleasure and pain like the soul greats of old.

27 Oct / 9:00pm - 12:00am / FREE ENTRY | DOORS 6PM | HAPPY...

"The Jamie Brownfield quartet consists of British Jazz Awards rising star, Jamie on Trumpet. Tom Kincaid on Piano, Ken Marley on Double Bass, and Jack Cotterill on Drums. This fresh and exciting quartet have a vast range of experience in different styles of music and have come together to play their own mix of New Orleans street beat, swing & reggae.

28 Oct / 9:30pm - 1.00am / £5 OTD | DOORS 4PM | HAPPY HOUR...

It's been a long time since SNEAKY played at M&P's and we've managed to persuade him to come back!

"Soulful String Pilot Sneaky creates a deliberate collision of real instruments and genuine musical virtuosity with samples, production anarchy, DJ brainwaves and jazz chops"

29 Oct / 9:30pm - 01:00am / £5 OTD | DOORS 4PM | HAPPY HOUR...

Having ended this year's Jazz Festival on a high, we are super excited to see the return of the London collective The Boom Yeh with their eclectic brew of Funk, Afro-beat, Jazz, Disco and Psychedelic Rock.